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Byron Cage - Breathe

Live album: "An Invitation To Worship" (2005)

Your holy presence, living, in me.
This is my daily bread [x2]
Your very word, spoken, to me.

And I, I, I
I'm desperate for you.
And I, I, I
I'm lost without you.

[Back to Chorus]
[Bridge x3]

This is the air I breathe. [x6] [...fade out]

Byron Cage (born December 15, 1962) is an American gospel recording artist.

Inspired by the singing of the late Rev. Donald Vails and Thomas Whitfield, Cage began singing gospel music as a teenager. Cage went on to attend Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA, where he was a member of the Morehouse College Glee Club. He also joined New Birth Cathedral in Atlanta. He also served as music director for Greater Grace Temple (PAW), in Detroit, Michigan.